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If you stop and look around, no matte what part of the country you are in, you will have the opportunity to experience different cultures. From the Deep South to the bustle of New York to California, Texas, and all the way in between, there is a pulse of a different culture. You get to experince different foods, sights, and different amazing parts of our wonderful country.

Travel on direction and see the ocean, mountains and snow. Another takes you through plains to the rolling hills and down to the desert. From the Gulf to the maple trees in Vermont, there is something to see and experience. You don’t need a passport, a lot of money or even a plan. Pack up. Drive out and see what this country has to offer.

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Learn about a new culture, whether it’s tasting local seafood to the best barbecue in the country, step out of your bubble and look around. Scale the Rockies, wander through the desert, hike the Smoky Mountains, see the whales in Oregon, have fresh lobster in Maine, the list goes on.

How lucky are we to have a world at our fingertips and we can experience so much right in our own backyard.

Check out my USA Travels Board, where I can’t wait to explore in Florida and my bucket list for Weekend getaways all on Pinterest. I also have a board of places I have traveled and my favorite pictures of some of the amazing natural sights in the States. Snoop around!


Thanks Hurricane Nate

It has been a busy hurricane season this year. Nearly every part of Florida has had some effects from either Hurricane Irma, Maria, or Nate. While the panhandle has been spared the majority of the damage, it sure has made our beaches a little more creepy and have caused some environmental damages as well.

I have not taken the time yet to explore all the areas around Panama City that have been affected by Nate, but we did visit one beach along the Gulf Coast to survey the changes. I can say that based off of other reports, St. Andrew’s State Park has some eroding and sadly, some sea turtle nests were destroyed by the wave surges.

We walked over an hour down Tyndall AFB’s beach. Less hectic than Panama City Beach, still affected by Hurricane Nate passing through. The rain from the outer bands of the hurricane brought a rise in our humidity and it settled quite nicely over the beach. We walked much closer to the dunes and the grass that lined the upper part of the beach due to the water still rushing onto the shore.

My kids found empty shark egg sacks, Sea Cucumbers caught in the seaweed and branches that were pulled in from the grassy areas. Jelly fish and crabs were scattered along the beach, as well as trash that was caught in the undertow. It was very sad to see plastic bags and fishing line tangled in the seaweed.

We have been very lucky so far in the panhandle. We have mostly seen rain and some slight wind damage, nothing like those in the Keys and Puerto Rico.

It was a good reminder of how quickly Mother Nature can turn and attack. We are never 100% certain of where a hurricane will go until close to the last minute on some occasions and we never really understand the power Mother Nature has until we are personally effected by it.

Between winter storms in Colorado, fires in California, hurricanes and earthquakes, the Earth is angry. It would be wise of us to listen.

Be kind to the Earth and kind to each other. We are all fighting a battle, and in the times of natural disasters, we need to show compassion, kindness, and lend a helping hand any way we can.

Hug a tree and hug a friend. Smile at strangers and love our tribe just a little more today.

Florida Beaches

Staycation has been good so far. We have had two incredible beach days at two of my favorite beaches. 

Day 1: Mexico Beach. I love going here because it is not nearly as busy as Panama City Beach but just as pretty. White sand and clear waters make for a relaxing day. A few hours of soaking up the sun followed by lunch at Tou Cans (a great little seafood joint right on the beach)  and the day was a success. We ended the night in a high note with Moana and some Snapchat fun. (Mexico Beach below)

Day 2: St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach. This section of the beach is usually not as busy or as rough but emerald green and beautiful. When taking smaller kids to the beach, this cove is the perfect little spot. We got our fill of sun and brought home our fair share of sand. Another successful beach day. 

Day three will be filled with shopping and dinner at Pier Park. Spring Break has been good to us so far! 

Staycation Time

Spring Break is next week here in Panama City. Usually we are off on an adventure during Spring Break, but this year we have company so we are doing a staycation while my friend gets to experience a new adventure.

I think one of the best things about having someone visit us is being able to show them all the cool spots and beaches like a tour guide. I get to relive the excitement all over again.

Three days packed with different beach spots, restaurants and of course shopping. I love a good adventure, but I also love sleeping in my own bed. I get the best of both this next week.

Anyone else enjoying a little Staycation this Spring Break?IMG_1066

Fall in the South

It seems like it has been forever since we have been camping anywhere. And even longer since I have put any travel anything on this blog. So I am going to combine two wonderful trips into one post! Our first trip was in September and we went to Ichetucknee Springs State Park near Lake City, FL and a few weeks ago we went to Cape San Blas State Park in Cape San Blas, FL.

Ichetucknee Springs was a wonderful weekend full of floating lazily down a very cold, clear spring then swimming in the crystal clear waters of one their natural springs. Let me tell you, they are cold! 72 degree temperature, but hey when it’s hot and humid, those are amazing. We rented tubes and floated down the river for a few hours. It was the most relaxing trip. Well, besides one of the boys losing his flip flops because he didn’t listen when told to put on boat shoes, or when the other boy nearly tipped me off my float because he had to pee….yes that is life with boys.

Our other camping trip was to Cape San Blas State Park. We spent a three day weekend just laying on the beach, enjoying the waves, the sun, and the ability to walk to back to camper anytime we wanted. My boys were in heaven because they got to fish all day long. And they did. It was marvelous.

We didn’t do much. I sat in a beach chair and read Harry Potter. I watched my boys knee deep in the water fishing. I watched my daughter and my four year old niece play in the sand. I watched my Mom and Dad enjoy being able to relax. I watched the sunset and my loves sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows.

It was a weekend I needed in the midst of the chaos of school, work, and raising kids. It was good to get away, even for a short while.


Never too late to Travel

  Most people will say travel while you’re young. Go see the world while you are able! Well, I say go see the world at any age! Parents live vicariously through their parents, I live through my parents. Empty nesters, semi-retired and out seeing the state of Florida one RV park at a time. 

They hook up their camper and go. This particular trip was to St. Augustine where they went on ghost tours, chocolate tours, wine tasting and distillery tours. Lighthouse climbs and beach exploration. And many more. I’m so jealous! 

  However, I’m beyond thrilled they are heading out together. They sacrificed so much of their private life to raise my brother and I. And they help with their grandkids as well. 

You see, some adventures can really begin after the raising of kids are done. It’s never too late and you’re never too old to hit the road and go on you’re own adventure. Some of us just have to hold on for a little bit longer. 

P.S. My mom is adorable. 

Seaside Musing

  As much as I love to travel, having a quiet Sunday in my own town is the best. Panama City Beach was overrun with Pirates this weekend, and we celebrated the ending of the invasion watching the sun set over Capt. Anderson’s Marina and the fireworks show. 

The pirates have landed!

It was a perfect Sunday evening. Fall breeze, fish coming into the market, and boats bobbing in their stalls. Fireworks lit up the sky, perhaps a spirit or two was released? 

All in all, a perfect night with my family. I’m truly lucky to live here.

 Happy Sunday y’all!

Apalachicola: A hidden gem on the Forgotten Coast

One of the perks of living where we do, is the opportunity to explore local fishing towns and experience fresh local seafood. Apalachicola is one of my favorite places to visit. It is a quaint little town nestled along the Forgotten Coast Highway (Highway 98 in Northeast Florida) and boasts of some of the freshest oysters and Florida history. We took some time last fall to get a taste of the local fare and explore an old cemetery that is said to be haunted.

Our first stop in our travel was to Grady Marketplace. I loved stopping in this old store that held a bounty of Forgotten Coast Highway merchandise as well as art and jewelry from local artists. Handmade soaps and kitchen items, along with great gift ideas are to be found.

image image

After we explored Grady’s Market, we walked down to the local historical cemetery on Chestnut Street. It was a beautifully spooky cemetery with old grave stones and Spanish Moss hanging from the trees. During Halloween, there are Cemetery walks as well.

image image

Our last stop was at the Hole in the Wall. A local favorite that serves up freshly caught Apalacha Oysters. We ordered a varitety that had fresh raw oysters, Oyster Florintine and Rockerfeller Oysters. Highly recommend making this a stop on your journey through Apalachicola. There are other great options to choose from; from fried oysters to chicken, the Hole in the Wall will have something for everyone!


I am truly blessed to live along such beautiful part of the country and have the ability to get out and explore. I encourage you to do the same! Whether it’s here in Florida or your own Forgotten Highway, get out and see what the world has to offer.