Tropicana Field-St. Petersburg FL

We took our kids to their first ever baseball game in Tampa, FL this last weekend. Boy, did we have a blast. Between playing “I Spy” in the truck on the way down to surprised looked on the lady’s face at McD’s when L. ordered 10 sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits (for the the 5 of us) we all enjoyed a much needed vacation.

So our first stop before hitting the ball park was Ferg’s Sports Bar And of course, I had to order their Ahi Tuna Nachos. Don’t those look amazing! It was heaven for my taste buds. Not too spicy to where I was sweating, but just a good kick to let you know the wasabi was there. If you are looking for a great place to chill before the game, check them out. It’s two blocks from the park, and totally worth the stop.

Who doesn’t love sting rays? Tropicana Field has it’s own Sting Ray Tank where you can pet the sting rays while overlooking the field. Pretty awesome and totally family friendly.

Great view!

Tropicana Field is a completely enclosed stadium. Which, at the end of June in Southern Florida, is a blessing. We got there early enough to watch the Yankees in batting practice before the game. 

The view from our seats! For $40 per person, we were left field by the foul ball post. No blocks in our view and close enough to see all the action and still stay within our budget. (Look, Yankee players!)

Another great view from our seats.

That is real dirt out there. It was cool to watch them prep the field before the game.

Let’s play ball!

I have been to hockey games, football games, and baseball games. The atmosphere for a baseball game is like none other. They hold true to the saying that baseball is America’s Greatest Past time, and the Tampa Bay Rays and Tropicana Field sure to make it a family friendly event. The Yankee fans around us, and there were a ton of Yankee fans, were amazing and friendly. One group got the whole stadium to participate in the wave. Even though the Yankees lost that weekend game series, everyone was in good spirits. All our of kids loved it and me and the Mr. were happy to introduce them to the greatest game ever played.


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