Travel Is Better Than Therapy

BallonTravel has a way of putting life into perspective. Those worries and insignificant details of every day life fall away when you are experiencing another culture. You become so immersed with their lifestyle, that you realize that what you thought really mattered, really don’t matter at all.

Sometimes all it takes is just getting away. You don’t have to jump continents or fly across the country to travel. Seek out adventure. Take a weekend road trip and let another area soothe your weary soul. Take time alone. Find out who you really are away from the madness of daily life. Yes that madness will still be there when you return, but you will have taken the time to tend to yourself. Let another culture, surrounding, environment wash over you.

You see, once you step away from all the things that are pushing you down, you start to see more clearly. You realize your strength and ability. Your worth and what you really want from life. You meet other people and listen to their stories and find out that we all struggle with the same problems. But seeing it in a different light, it helps you see how small they really are in the grand scheme of life.

Being a single parent has limited me to some extent on my ability to travel, alone and with my kids. But, BUT, I have found a way to do both. Weekend trips with the kids and a week long cruise with my family helped center us as a unit. I gave my kids the gift of an experience over the gift of monetary items. We bonded and shared memories that will last longer than their electronics.

I took a trip to Mexico without my kids. I have been to Dayton, Chicago, and Denver. Without my children. And in those moments, I have found out who I am, aside from being a mom. I was able to reconnect with my soul and fill in what I was missing.

 Life is too short to stay in one place. Go out! See life!! Even if it’s just for a few days. You are important. Take care of yourself. Experience life. Realize that memories and experiences are more valuable than anything you can buy. One quote I have heard that fits perfectly; “Travel is the only thing that cost money, but makes you rich.”

Come back refreshed and renewed. And start planning another trip!


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