Never too late to Travel

  Most people will say travel while you’re young. Go see the world while you are able! Well, I say go see the world at any age! Parents live vicariously through their parents, I live through my parents. Empty nesters, semi-retired and out seeing the state of Florida one RV park at a time. 

They hook up their camper and go. This particular trip was to St. Augustine where they went on ghost tours, chocolate tours, wine tasting and distillery tours. Lighthouse climbs and beach exploration. And many more. I’m so jealous! 

  However, I’m beyond thrilled they are heading out together. They sacrificed so much of their private life to raise my brother and I. And they help with their grandkids as well. 

You see, some adventures can really begin after the raising of kids are done. It’s never too late and you’re never too old to hit the road and go on you’re own adventure. Some of us just have to hold on for a little bit longer. 

P.S. My mom is adorable. 


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