Grayton Beach, FL

Fall days in Florida are typically spent at the beach. Our Saturday was spent at one of America’s most beautiful beach, Grayton Beach State Park, FL. 

Sand dunes cover most of the state park, providing a barrier to the beach. Hidden in the dunes are birds and other creatures who call this place home.  

We started our trek along a one mile walking path that took us through Sand oaks, magnolia trees and pines. 

It was a gorgeous day once we hit the beach. The breeze had stopped and red tide hadn’t touched this portion of sugar sand.

Beach goers were sunbathing or walking along the crystal waters. The few brave ones ventured out into the cool waters to play along the waves or  walk the sand bar.


The afternoon was spent at Western Lake, kayaking in the brakish water. For kids never been on kayaks, they did a great job.


And we learned not to molest any alligators.

We finished our fall day with a perfect fall evening activity. 

A perfect ending to a perfect day.


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