Sausage, Mushroom, and Egg Scramble

It’s goes without saying that eggs are pretty much a staple for breakfast (or breakfast for dinner!) and I am extremely picky on how I like my eggs. I am not a huge scramble egged fan, especially restaurant style scrambled eggs, but my kids beg for them. So, I add in a few ingredients and viola, I have a scramble that is tasty, filling, and full of protein!

While I know scrambled eggs are a no-brainer in how you cook them, I take a little extra time with mine.


Sausage, Mushroom, and Egg Scramble:

1lb. Sausage (I use the maple, but any flavor will do)

1 lb. Mushrooms

6-8 Eggs

1/2 cup milk


Preheat pan on medium heat. Brown sausage and partially drain; set aside. With the left over grease from the sausage, saute the mushrooms. I usually pepper mine up pretty good while cooking, but that is a personal preference. After mushrooms have soften; usually 5-10 minutes with frequent stirring, set aside.

Beat eggs together with milk until smooth. Let rest 2 minutes. Add to pan, scramble until cooked through. I do each ingredient separately to insure the eggs are cooked through and not gooey. Mix sausage, mushrooms and eggs together.

My kids top with cheese, I just add extra pepper. This went great with our French Toast Sticks! This is also a great meal for those trying to elimanate carbs but still have some flavor in their meals.

The great thing with a simple recipe like this, is that you can add whatever veggies and meats into it. For a more Mexican flair, add chorizo, peppers and jalapenos; top with cheese and salsa. Use your imagination and have fun!


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