Underground Treasures

Last summer we took a little road trip up to Marianna, Florida and visited the Florida Caverns State Park and Blue Springs. It was amazing to see what was hidden underneath our feet. The formations and the explorations were breathtaking. One particular formation was called the Wedding Cathedral, and there had once been a wedding there in that very part of the cavern. Bats fluttered above our heads and the air was damp, and the kids had a blast exploring and learning all about the caves 

 As we exited the caves, we had an amazing walk through the forest of the state park, admiring the cypress trees and creeks. Thankfully the weather wasn’t too terribly hot and humid, as it is known to be in August, and we enjoyed finding other little caves along the forest path. We even ventured into a dark tunnel!

 To wrap our exciting weekend we headed to the Blue Springs. With its cold water (70 degrees is pretty cold when you are swimming) it is a popular summer spot. There are caves hidden under the diving board, and fish swim in the crystal clear waters. It is a beautiful natural spring that not only makes a great swimming hole, but leads into a stream that

you can rent canoes and paddle boats by the hour to explore.Springs Cave Springs

Our evening was spent fishing and enjoying the peace and quiet before heading back to real life.

   One of the things I love about this state is abundant adventures we have been able to have. And I can’t wait to have many more!


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